12 - On Finding Direction: Brink of Love EP

I am so grateful for this music. Each track expresses a hope or experience. Some of them were preemptive in the experiences they described in my life which always surprises me about music. I had the amazing chance to collaborate with Ladysmith who are true legends of love and heart. I also had the amazing gift of working with the haunting voice of Eliza Ramgren.

I think this is our first attempt at finding a direction sonically with this project. I love the energy of dance music but I also love the intimate passion of folk. So we are attempting to use pieces of each genre. I think for me the song "Brink of Love" encompasses all the things I am hoping for in my life. "World of Trouble" is an 'almost' love song. I feel like our pasts create scars and hurst that make it difficult to connect with others. So that track is a declaration to attempt to break through the scars so I can experience true connection. "The Storm" is one I wrote a few years ago and has evolved so much. It used to be a more electro pop track until Hein came into the studio one day whistling which inspired me to totally change the track to a darker more broody song. The whistle in the first verse is Hein!

                    - Vian