17 - On God, the Stars, and Coldplay: The Astronaut - Out February 3

We are gearing up for our next release on February 3rd. Check out this preview and follow us on Spotify to be the first to listen. Hope you enjoy the stars as much as we do. We have seen plenty of them during the long winter nights.

I used to sneak out in the summers when I was young. I would wait until everyone was asleep and then blast Coldplay on headphones as I starred at the stars. Those nights were the first nights where I felt the beauty and massiveness of the universe. I realized I am one of current billions and one of past billions who have all starred at these stars and wondered at life. And yet I have a fully subjective and meaningful interaction with the people and things around me. So in one instance I feel both completely insignificant and hugely worthwhile. 

I miss those nights and hope to one day find another rooftop to experience the beauty of the universe and the melancholic joy of being alive.

                         - Vian