20 - On Loss and Growth: The Astronaut Acoustic

I wrote this song many years ago while I was at university. I used to live in a recording studio. My room was tiny and basically only had a bed and a small desk. The rest of the house was one giant studio with instruments and equipment in every room. We had an actual vanity grand piano from the 1940s that I used to play on late into the evenings. One night after a few drinks I dove into loss as I had just come out of a relationship. What struck me most was I had created an entire future and past with this person that was now no more. So I wrote a song about the end of a world. 

Ironically I recently experienced a very similar situation. So this song is more relevant now than it was back then. Lately I am reminded constantly that life is a beautiful tapestry with both darks and lights. I am also reminded that the human spirit can take on a lot more than I realize. And ultimately I realize that every small good thing is a blessing.

                 - Vian