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Over 7 million streams | 239k hours of streaming | 157k monthly listeners



Animated South African American artist Vian Izak partnered with Spotify for an exclusive six month campaign to promote six EPs and a 32 page full color webcomic exclusively available to Spotify fans. The project aims to combine comic book/superhero culture with pop music. After receiving 7 million streams in 2017, over a dozen playlist placements including New Music Friday, and a social media campaign by Spotify on both its Twitter ( and Facebook ( accounts, Izak wraps up the project by releasing ‘Northern Anthems’ which combines the past six releases into an album. He is also releasing a printed version of his comic worldwide which up until now has been exclusive to Spotify users.

Vian Izak's live set combines DJ electro beats with organic bass and piano. Vian tours as a trio and generates an emotional and energetic live show. Though the project launched recently Izak, personally, has years of live experience and has played to packed crowds in theater size venues both in Colorado and Tennessee. This new project is teaming up with Spotify to promote shows on their platform to Izak's top fans in a certain region. The goal of the initiative is to play less shows but sell out every show with the help of the streaming giant's data and marketing power.

Originally featured on comic news giant Newsarama ( and added to New Music Friday in several countries including Canada and Norway, the first part of the project launched in late July 2017 and wrapped up in December 2017. The music has been featured by dozens of indie pop blogs and described as cinematic, progressive, and emotional. Izak deals with issues ranging from loss, to hope, to political unrest. His lead single “Starlit Summer’s Eve” is an ethereal indie anthem outlining Izak’s ponderings on life and growing up. His second single "‘Till Your Heart is Still" walks through Izak’s relational ups and downs. His last single “The London Air Raids” is a look at today’s political climate through the eyes of two lovers during WW2.

The project is part of a unique wave of initiatives aiming to combine music with concept world and story. Inspired by The Archies in the sixties and The Gorillaz today, the project portrays all members as illustrated characters and weaves story into each musical release. Developed by illustrator Hein Zaayman, the Vian Izak comic titled “Vian Izak’s Adventures” is a fantastical sci-fi comic about two adventurers who discover strange phenomena in the Arctic like african animals roaming the waste. The travelers go on an adventure to discover the mystery behind the events.

Past Press & Playlists


Smooth vocals, anthemic choruses” - Alex Rainbird Music

Progressive and prolific [...] Cannot recommend this artist enough”. - Ear to the Ground Music

Emotional imagery” - Music is my Life

Vivid storytelling” - Yab Yum West

“Fall in love with the beauty and the magic” - Wolf in a Suit

“First the Gorillaz, now the latest is here.” - Newsarama