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Can You Feel My Love

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Northern Anthems

Released on March 23 2018, Northern Anthems is Vian Izak's debut album.

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The Story

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Vian Izak is a time traveling bard exploring the nether reaches of two dimensional time. He started his adventures at a young age with his brother Hein. They travel together in a two dimensional time machine called The Kudu. 

Izak produces and records other time traveling companions like Sarah Jane from Juniper Vale and Jeremy Ravine. He's also been seen talking to a giant beat making polar bear called POLR.

Vian was last seen in the arctic but has recently not made his location known. He did leave a clue online saying:

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All art by @HeinZaayman

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Trailers and Announcements of the Comic!

Vian Izak’s Adventures is a fast-paced adventure web comic that is exclusively available to Spotify fans. The narrative takes the tone of a 1940’s radio show. It’s semi-satirical, hyperbolic expression masks a deep, well thought out, and intellectual story.

The online version of Vian Izak's Adventures is available exclusively to Spotify users. Check it out and pre-order a physical copy! 

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