The Navigator - Nov 22, 2019

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Tracks to Check Out: The Navigator, The Guide, Morning Star, Call the Nightingale

South African-American Vian Izak Releases 2nd Multimedia Album with Sci/fi Comic, Pushing the Boundaries of What it Means to be a Musical Act in 2019.

After releasing his debut album in 2018 which received over 20 million streams, three dozen playlist placements, and two Independent Music Award nominations, Vian Izak invites fans back into his fantastical world of adventure and heartfelt music with sophomore album/comic “The Navigator.”

About the Release

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Vian Izak combines sci/fi story telling with anthemic pop music. Each of his albums is released with a comic continuing a time bending adventure of an illustrated version of himself. The Navigator comic opens with Izak being attacked by a giant beast named the Queen of Shadow. He is hurled from his time machine, The KUDU, and must scurry up cliff walls to avoid being eaten. This multilayered story appeals to the young and old alike.

Musically, The Navigator opens with the track “In the Shadow”, a spoken word style song written in styles similar to The Iliad and Beowulf; “When the Queen of Shadow strikes / The Navigator sets right / The lost who fall into the night / The lonely in their plight.” The tracks then journey from a melancholy search for love and finally arrives at a place of companionship with the final song, “In the Shadow of Love’s Shield” completing the album’s theme.

Izak builds on the electronic piano driven sound from his first album, Northern Anthems, and introduces new vivid organic textures. “So much of music creation and even songwriting is synthetic nowadays. I love to explore the space between very old unique live instruments, modern synthesizers, and timeless lyrics.” Living comfortably in the alternative space, The Navigator is another heartfelt album to add to anyone’s melancholy piano pop collection with the added benefit of an epic comic adventure.

The album and comic will drop online everywhere on November 22.

About the Creators

Vian is a South African American living in Nashville TN. As a producer he has worked on both major label and independent projects from his studio on the Historic Music Row. His production and engineering credits includes work with Grammy winning artists (Chris Tomlin, Tom Wasinger, Femke Weidema) and his songwriting credits include work with platinum selling writers (Michael Logen, Jason Gray, Ladysmith Black Mambazo). As a producer his work has been steamed and downloaded over 100 million times. He is a staple to the Nashville independent community and continues to offer unique multimedia releases.

All art for the Vian Izak project is done by Hein Zaayman. He is an independent illustrator who’s work has been used by Disney and has played a role in shaping visual work for major music acts including Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen, and Morgan Wallen. Hein’s imaginative worlds and characters have been a key part of the Vian Izak project and has gotten the project features on Newsarama (Largest Comic News Outlet), Denver Comic Con, and Knoxville Comic Con.

Project Stats & Past Press

Quick Stats
Streams/Downloads - 20 million
Monthly Listeners (Spotify) - 100k
Total Social Followers - 25k
Notable Events - Speaker at MusicBiz2018 Conference, Speaker at Music Expo 2018, 2 Independent Music Award Nominations, Booth at Denver Comic, Sync Spots with ABC Family, The Home Depot, Paypal, and more.

Past Press
Read the full length feature describing 'Vian Izak's Adventures' on comic book news giant Newsarama

"Cinematic" - Pop Muzik

Smooth vocals, anthemic choruses” - Alex Rainbird Music

Progressive and prolific [...] Cannot recommend this artist enough”. - Ear to the Ground Music

Emotional imagery” - Music is my Life

Vivid storytelling” - Yab Yum West

“Fall in love with the beauty and the magic” - Wolf in a Suit

“The Gorillaz weren’t the first musical act to mix in comic book style graphics, and now the latest is here.” - Newsarama

"Vian Izak is a visual and an audio talent to be enjoyed at the same time. The drawings are just beautiful and the songs are divine." ~ Music for Your Heart (LINK) 

"'Starlit Summer’s Eve' is quite a wonderful piece and will get you listening on repeat." ~ Aipate (LINK)

"New track 'Starlit Summer’s Eve' wastes no time getting epic with a chorus of booming percussion and harmonies supporting Vian’s beautiful vocals. If you don’t feel uplifted by the end of the track, just start it again from the beginning until you do!" ~ York Calling (LINK)

"They have just released their song about violence in London called 'The London Air Raids.' The beautifully composed and performed song captures the brothers talent abilities of songwriting and singing." ~ Rock the Pigeon (LINK)

"Normally, 'The London Air Raids' would be too mainstream for us, but somehow we got the song from Vian Izak. This chorus just has to be heard among the people, this ear-worm deserves to be heard." ~ We Love That Sound (LINK)