Vian Izak's Adventures



The first edition of Vian Izak's Adventures is a deluxe 28 page full color fast paced adventure comic that takes the tone of a 1940’s radio show. It’s semi-satirical, hyperbolic expression masks a deep, well thought out, and intellectual story. Printed on the highest quality semi-gloss paper, these first editions are in limited supply. 

The Story

Vian and Hein are artists, brothers, and men of adventure. They are setting out to complete the impossible! To map the ever shifting ice sheet of the arctic! But during their travels they encounter strange phenomena. African animals roaming the wastes. Strange, massive sculptures. Solid ground beneath the ice. Their resolve to get to the bottom of this mystery leads them to a discovery so complex, bizarre, and utterly unlikely that it can be nothing other than the cold hard truth!


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