Revolver Remixes - November 18 2016

© Vohnic Music LLC 2016

Original Song Revolver written by Hein
Original Song production by Vian and Hein
Album cover by Hein
Mastered at Vohnic Music LLC

Revolver (VRS.US remix)
Remixed by VRS.US. Visit his site:

Revolver (I the AI Remix) [ft. Through Juniper Vale]
Remixed by Vian and Hein
Vocals by Sarah Jane aka Through Juniper Vale

Revolver (Micah Von Remix)
Remixed by Micah Von. check out his site:

Revolver (Adam Aldo Remix)
Remixed by Adam Aldo. Check out his site:

Revolver (Eric Barfield Remix)
Remixed by Eric Barfield. Check out his site:

01 Revolver (VRS.US Remix)
02 Revolver (I the AI Remix) [ft. Through Juniper Vale]
03 Revolver (Micah Von Remix)
04 Revolver (Adam Aldo Remix)
05 Revolver (Eric Barfield Remix)

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