Brink of Love - September 2 2016

© Vohnic Music except Brink of Love © Vohnic Music and Gallo Music Publishers. Contains elements of “Wenyukela” (J. Shabalala), Gallo Music Publishers (SAMRO). All rights administered by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

World of Trouble
Written by Vian
Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano, Percussion and Synths by Vian

The Storm (ft. Eliza Ramgren)
Written by Vian and Hein
Vocals by Vian and Eliza Ramgren
Piano, Percussion, Bass, and Synths by Vian
Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, and Whistle by Hein

Brink of Love (ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
Written by Vian
Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Bass, Synths, Strings by Vian
Sample of Wenyukela provided by Gallo Music Publishers, Adminstered by Warner Music Corp.

Produced by Vian and Hein
Recorded/Mixed at Vohnic Music
Mastered at Sage Audio, Nashville
Album Cover by Hein

01 World of Trouble
02 The Storm (ft. Eliza Ramgren)
03 Brink of Love (ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

World of Trouble
I’m not afraid that we faltered before Every fall we endured
made us want it all more.
And I’m not scared of what the future will bring We’re all dust in the making
Chasing dreams as we’re waking.
Oh I’m feeling low.
In a word full of trouble you’re my hope...

Just say you love me. Say you want me. Say you need me. ‘Cause I love you. And I want you. And I need you.

I don't care who you’ve loved my love.
I’ve caught all the scars and turned them into stars. I don’t know if I’ve said this too much,
but the rush fills me up when you lean in to touch. 

The Storm (ft. Eliza Ramgren)
Come and sit by the fire now Can we talk about
How we painted it black and white.

Our heart’s full of lies and doubts are all seeping out.
There’s a stranger in my house.

That is all. I’ve got to go.

Don’t leave love there’s a storm above. Don’t leave love.
Don’t leave love will I ever be enough? Don’t leave love.

Some will say that we curse our days. Caught between the waves of wanting and needing. Other say it’s the way we’re made,
and we can’t escape the lying and cheating.

Brink of Love (ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
Raise my spirits up.
Hate will never conquer love.
And I will hold your hand.
Even when life breaks apart all of our plans.

I believe now ‘cause I’ve seen how when I’m down and out hope is still around.
So I’ll listen to your wisdom.
You’re my heart light in this dark night.

On the brink of love.
On the brink of love.
On the brink of love I’ll wait.

Keep my heart soft.
Make me strong when all is lost. As time fades,
give me peace over my grave.

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