Marble Floors

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Marble Floors
Written by Vian
Synths, Piano, Percussion by Vian
Featured Vocals by Sarah Wood from Through Juniper Vale.
Drums by Chris Worley & Vian
Bass by Vian
Lead Vocal by Vian
Backing Vocals by Vian, Sarah Wood, and Hein

She Holds the Universe
Written by Vian
Piano, Guitar, and Percussion by Vian
Synths by Vian
Vocals by Vian & Hein

Written by Moby
Piano by Vian

Produced by Vian and Hein
Recorded/Mixed by Vian at Vohnic Music, Nashville
Mastered by Steve Carrao at Sage Audio, Nashville
Album Art by Hein

01 Marble Floors
02 She Holds the Universe
03 Porcelain

Marble Floors

I want a home, I want a home
With marble floors
With marble floors and a love I can hold
A love I can hold
When those floors get cold

And she’ll dance on my toes
And she’ll dance on my toes
as the evening grows
as the evening grows
Through the chimney we’ll float
We’ll float
And from the clouds I’ll make her a coat.

And those neon lights fill the sky so bright
My heart is tired
It’s burnt on fire
From the love that has died
Take the sparks that survived
From the ashes tonight

She Holds the Universe Together
 Search the sky for a light for a light
The past shapes us through pity and spite.
And love is a foreigner to her heart.
A daylight traveler in a world that’s only dark.

She holds the universe together
With her arms.
Calling out to God, “Don’t take forever!
My hands are sore and they are waiting for me down the hall.
With this weight I will fall.”

Do or die these are the stories in my life.
Fast changes and the stones that stay in love.
And love is an actress from the old cinema reels.
A grayscale picture that she’ll never feel.



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