The London air raids

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The London Air Raids
Written by Hein
Synths, Piano, Percussion, by Vian
Drums by Nathan Knox
Violin by Camille Faulkner
Acoustic Guitar by Lincoln Mick & Isaac Horn
Lead Vocal by Vian
Backing Vocals by Vian & Hein

Things Will Get Better
Written by Vian & Hein
Piano, Guitar, and percussion by Vian & Hein
Vocals by & Hein

Produced by Vian and Hein
Recorded/Mixed by Vian at Vohnic Music, Nashville
Mastered by Steve Carrao at Sage Audio, Nashville
Album Art by Hein

01 The London Air Raids
02 Things Will Get Better

The London Air Raids

And we sit here so close in the dark
And we’re so close to being torn apart
Ever crash I can feel in our foundation
It runs through my veins and I hate the sensation

But I know that I’m safe here with you
Cause we made it through everything the old and the new
Just wake me up when all this is over
wake me up and tell me it’s not true

My sweet love watch the air raids
As the streets of London are not safe
And I wish that we could escape
As the beat of the drum keeps on its play
And I long to feel the rain on my face
So I wait, I want the bombs to fade away

And the hum of the airplanes is such a sweet sound
As we’re coming up from underground
Coming up to see our ruined state
Coming up to see those ruins you made

And in the east I hear a nation shout
And we wait for the day that we can sing it out

Things Will Get Better
Things will get better.
Things will get good.


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